Daily Schedule

Our Daily Schedule includes

Primary Lanes served out of MB, BC and AB include


– Winnipeg, MB – Ontario / Saskatchewan / Alberta / British Columbia
– Winnipeg, MB – Midwest US / South US / West US / East US


– Calgary, AB – Ontario / Saskatchewan / Alberta / British Columbia
– Calgary, AB – Midwest US / South US / West US


– Abbotsford, BC – Ontario / Saskatchewan / Alberta / British Columbia
– Abbotsford, BC – Midwest US / South US / West US.



    Honesty and Simplicity

    Honesty must be the backbone of any customer service industry and that is what we thrive on. If we have quoted a rate you can be ensured that figures wont change. We have straight forward answers for your questions. We handle the complex logistics behind the scenes, so you don’t have to worry about the details. All you’ll see is unblemished service and your freight safely delivered on requested time.

    Trustworthiness and Dependability

    Trust is Something which must be earned and that is what we do when we finish a job safely and on time. We always ensure your stuff reaches its destination damage free. Allfreight has always believed in long term relationships with all the customers and we have been successful in accomplishing that.

    Passion and Positivity

    Our guys not only specialize in freight handling but also dealing with tenacious situations. You will always find our professional drivers bearing a smile behind the wheel. Never do we ever say no to help somebody be it part of the job or not. The passion and dedication of our team has been the prime pillar of our success.

    Changing and Improving

    We always encourage our dedicated employees at Allfreight transport to come up with new and innovative ideas for improving the company and the industry. As it is rightly said “He who stops being better, stops being good” We continue to strive for improvement in all the aspects of logistics and operations.


    Our tag line “Safe and Courteous” is not just a promotional sentence for us. Safety is our cornerstone value as it is imperative to our success and the future of our company. Safety assessments are regularly performed by a team of experts. We focus on assuring the safety of anything to everything.

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